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Presentation of candidates

This is an important mail regarding the upcoming IODA elections for president in which we would like to present to you the candidates for the elections to the EC and

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Conference Scholarships 2016

The IODA community is proud of its scholarship tradition. We have supported young OD professionals as well as long term IODA members, from challenged economies, and new emergent academic programs

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PResidential Elections 2016

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS We would like to invite you to submit your nomination or recommend another IODA member. We are going to have elections for the position of IODA’S PRESIDENT.

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Election Announcement

This is to invite you to participate in this years elections for certain roles in service of IODA. 1) In 2016 the position of IODA President is up for elections

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Request for Proposals

The Program committee is expressing its gratitude for your interest in submitting a presentation proposal for the presentation at IODA’s  international annual conference. Country INN & Suites, Mysore, India Pre

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