Invitation to participate in a global research project


IODA is thrilled to be one of the co-sponsors of a global research project being launched by Dr. Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge,  one of our recent Richard Beckard award winners, and Dr. Dave Jamieson, an ODNetwork Lifetime Achievement winner.  What makes this collaboration even better is that both are such amazing scholars, thought-leaders and just wonderful people!

Mee-Yan and Dave are researching the Use of Self concept and are seeking participation from OD practitioners around the world who have had five years or more of OD practice experience, internally or externally.  In addition to forming a more robust understanding of what Use of Self looks like around the world, they will be aggregating delegate’s answers from the same institution or country so that the data can go back to the institution/country to inform a more strategic and coherent development of OD education.

Mee-Yan and Dave are committed to having true representation from as many regions in the world as possible.  This is a fantastic opportunity for our community of global practitioners to contribute to the field and help all of us strengthen our ability to create positive change in the world!

You can find the invitation letter here. The link to the survey is included in the letter.

Invitation to participate in a global research project

Please invite other colleagues in your region of the world as well – the more qualified participants, the better.  

The deadline is extended to July 17, 2018.

Thank you for supporting this valuable study and thank you for spreading the word.