Organizational Synergy – A Practical Guide

Recalibrate Interactions to achieve Peak engagement,
productivity & Profit

About the book:

This book presents and answer fascinating questions to consultants:

  • What is organizational synergy?
  • Is it always correct to aim for it?
  • How can we achieve it?
  • What costs might it entail?
  • Is cooperation and containment necessary in order to assimilate it?

However, the book’s greatest contribution is in offering the seven Forms of Interaction Model. This model was presented at previous IODA conferences. The book methodically and clearly describes all seven forms of interaction which exist in any company and shares a questionnaire that enable an OD professional to describe and quantify all seven forms to eliminate destructive forms and to strengthen good ones. Special emphasis is placed on synergy: when it can develop, and how it can be achieved from any of these interactive forms of relationships.

Dr. Rami Ben-Yshai provides a clear presentation of the tools and process for creating effective synergy in, and between organizations wishing to cooperate for improved outcomes.

About the author:

IODA member, Dr. Rami Ben-Yshai, born in 1954

For over 30 years Dr. Rami Ben-Yshai has assisted dozens of organizations and projects to successfully complete processes of change, create synergy in mergers and acquisitions, improve managerial and employee interactions within the organization, and enhance levels of satisfaction among clients, suppliers, between HQ and field units, and more.

Rami’s vision is to create a more tolerant, happier and productive working places and environments. 

Following is vision Rami wrote this book and teaches more organizations, consultants and managers how to improve collaboration and productivity in their organizations applying his synergy model.

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