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Engaging programs facilitated
by IODA members

As a global organization, IODA seeks to provide a variety of engaging programs facilitated by expert IODA members throughout the year and in all time zones. Our aim is to disseminate the values of OD around the globe and be a platform that stimulates knowledge-sharing, community-building and skill development between global OD practioners.

To do so, we will offer members and non-members of IODA three events per quarter from three different time zones throughout 2022. All events must be hosted by an IODA member. The events will be free for members to attend, non-members pay a small of $10 to $25 per event ($10 for up to 1.5 hour events, $25 for 2 to 3 hour events).

Proposal Selection Process

  • relevance to international OD community
  • IODA membership interests
  • not replicated by another event in same year
  • time zone requirement (each time zone must be represented in each quarter)
IODA ResponsibilityMember Responsibility
Zoom access for hostProviding pre-course and course materials to IODA administration in advance of event
Promotion of eventProvide event information to marketing to promote the event on website/mailers/social media
Registration of participants and advising host of registration progressRunning the entire session including pre-course and course materials
Event feedback, collating results and providing details to host post eventAsking participants to complete the feedback at end of event – online

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