IODA Elections


It’s that time of year! IODA Elections are beginning. There are exciting opportunities to serve the global OD community by being elected to the IODA Executive Committee.  

The current 2024 election process is open and we are currently accepting nominations for the position of Vice President of Conferences & Events. See below for more details. 


IODA will have a regular, yearly cadence for elections that follow the below schedule:

  • April 1-30: Nominations for open positions
  • May 15: Rolling applications from nominated members due date
  • May 15-25: Interview with Executive Committee for all eligible applicants
  • May 25: Candidate manifestos shared with IODA members
  • June 1-17: Voting open (with a meet the candidate event during the members meeting the first week of June)
  • June 30: Announcement of winner to members
  • July 1: Transition of EC member begins


In 2024, IODA members have the opportunity to nominate themselves or others for all open positions listed below. 

Click below to read the various Position Descriptions (PD) for the positions that are open to nomination:


Nominations close after April 30th. Click here to nominate yourself or someone else. 



  1. General Vice President
  2. VP of Communication & Memberships


  1. President
  2. VP of Strategic Projects
  3. VP of Partnerships & Affiliations



Nominate a candidate: The first step in the election process is to first nominate yourself or someone else. Once nominations have been received and accepted (based on criteria) the election committee will confirm what the next steps are in the process with the nominee.

The nomination stage is open for a month (1 April – 30 April) and thereafter a formal application process is followed by elections.

Click here for a copy of the nomination form.

Submit an application: Once nominations are in, selected candidates can submit their applications. Applications can be submitted once nominations are accepted and are due no later than 15 May. Candidates must summarize their suitability and plans of action for the portfolio indicating why they want to run and confirm the understanding and acceptance of the election timeline and EC roles

The application must include:

  • • A filled in nomination form to nominate a fellow member
  • • A digital photo
  • • A motivation letter
  • • A 2-minute video
  • • Two endorsements or recommendations from other IODA members

Meeting the Candidate: Each candidate that submits an application will need to meet with representatives from the Executive Committee (between May 15-25) to answer questions about the role and ensure they are able to commit the needed time and energy to successfully serving in the role. In addition, during the members meeting held the first week of June, candidates will be required to attend and share about themselves and their suitability for the role, plan of action, and answer member questions. 

Voting: Voting is the last stage of the election process and will take place if there are multiple candidates for a position and will be conducted using a formal and confidential process. Members may vote only by the authorized process that will be set out by the election committee. Each member may cast only one vote for each position.


What are the general commitments of members of the board? The primary function of elected members of the board is to support the association in fulfilling its vision and mission in accordance with the bylaws and the decisions of the member meetings. The board member is responsible for the implementation of initiatives in their portfolio, working with the operational team and volunteers as well as implementing an international and multicultural vision that reflects the interests and desires of OD practitioners worldwide.

The Board member’s term of office is three years, beginning two weeks following the posting of the election results. There may be a period of hand-over until the annual conference.

The Board member commits to attend the board meeting held annually preceding the annual world conference (in the case of a physical conference) and the web-meetings held monthly

The Board member commits to lead working committees during the year and participates in general e-mail discussions as they arise.

What is IODA and what does it stand for? The International Organization Development Association (IODA) is a non-profit membership organization and an international network of Organizational Development professionals, consultants, practitioners and social scientists. This non-profit association has members from many countries that initiate and support organizational change processes all over the world. IODA is dedicated to supporting and strengthening OD principles at the international level through research, academic OD programs, peer mentoring and coaching, networking and sharing of knowledge, international projects, and cultural interchange.  

What is IODA’s purpose The purpose of IODA is to build a global community of OD professionals committed to inspiring learning and change around the world, unleashing human potential in organizations and communities.

IODA is home to one the most diverse networks of OD practitioners, academics, students and those facilitating positive change in the world.  We are committed to our mission of co-creating a truly global OD community. Our strength comes from our ability to create warm, welcoming, engaging and stimulating spaces for all of our members, both in person at our conferences and virtually. IODA achieves this through sharing resources and sharpening OD practices, cultivating relationships and our global network, and offering space and co-creating opportunities.


The IODA election committee is composed of the following three people: 

  1. • Sasha Farley – Chair
  2. • Tìmea Ròzsa – IODA member 
  3. • James Eckley – Clerk