What is IODA

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in 1986
IODA is an international network of organization development (OD) professionals, consultants, practitioners, academics, students and social scientists. We are a non-profit association with members from over 50 countries who are initiating and supporting organizational and societal change processes. IODA is a community as well as a membership platform for OD professionals to connect, share and exchange ideas.

What is IODA’s purpose?

Using our rich, diverse network of OD practitioners, students and change agents, we connect people globally. We believe in creating the space for true wholeness – connecting across differences – through differentiation and celebrating unique traditions and divergent worldviews. IODA is simultaneously global and local, drawing people out of their own worlds to connect and inviting the world to settle in for a deep appreciation of what OD looks like on the ground in each location.

IODA provides support to practitioners across cultures and national boundaries. We encourage cross-fertilization of methods, theories and schools of thought as well as modelling OD values based on global ideologies and inclusive perspectives. Our members are constantly looking to make a difference and contribute to a better society, we therefore remain light on footprint, and heavy on connections; it is the embodiment of our evolving organization. As such, IODA is uniquely positioned to be the change it wants to see in the world.

IODA strives to embody, in practice and structure, the values of OD by co-creating a global community of OD professionals committed to:

We enable this through:

…to make a lasting difference in the world