VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: Conflict Resolution and Peace Building

We invite you to participate in our Conflict Resolution and Peace Building virtual workshop being offered through IODA and other partner agencies to the global citizens around the world.

If we want to live in peace and harmony in a diverse world with various cultures, nations, and color, we need to learn how to resolve conflicts and build peace to promote global citizenship. Conflicts are everywhere: from community level to international levels. Various types of intolerant attitude and behaviors of people are root causes of these conflicts stemmed in distorted understanding and myths towards other human beings. These types of attitude put humanity at risk. There is a need to learn to address issues such as racism, discrimination, unfavorable behaviors and conflicts at community level as well as at every individual’s working station to build a global peaceful community.

Click here to watch a short video on how peace building was done among intolerant groups in Pakistan.


This workshop includes:

  • An interactive workshop based on Problem Posing Method and action/reflection/action praxis
  • Thought-provoking exercises and dialogue to learn how to overcome personal conflictual and contradictory attitude and behaviors based on real experience
  • Enable participants to resolve conflicts and build peace and harmony among dissenting groups and parties


Participants will gain:

  • An in depth understanding of conflict resolution and peace building based on real experience of working with extremists
  • More confidence to work with dissenting groups to promote peace and tolerance
  • A concrete framework to address discriminatory issues of racism, exclusion and violence at all level
  • An understanding of how to overcome personal suffering through learning and practice


The virtual workshop will take place on July 14th, 2021 at 10am Pakistan time (6am GMT).

It is a 3-hour online workshop via ZOOM and will be free to IODA members.


This program is free for IODA members to attend and only USD20 for non-members. Please click on the button below to register; non-members will then be sent a link to pay.

Please be aware limited number of places are available, so register by July 5th to avoid disapointment. If you have any questions about the workshop please write to James Eckley at HERE

Please note that certain aspects of the workshop will be posted on IODA’s website for other members to see. This will be general group parts and will not include any small group or individual discussions. Please let James know if you have any objections to this.


Irshad Ahmad Mughal is the Chairman of Iraj Education and Development based in Lahore, Pakistan. 

As an organizational development practitioner and executive Director, he has worked for several years with extremists and dissenting groups to resolve conflicts and promote peace in spite of religious intolerance at the grass root level.
His background includes more than 25 years of experience with various national and international organizations to implement various projects throughout Pakistan. He is also a member of IODA since 2001 and participated in various conferences.

Irshad did an M.Phil in International Relations and Politics from Pakistan and a Post Graduate Diploma in NGOs leadership and Management from SIT, Vermont, USA as well as a Management Training of Staff of Non-Government Overseas Organizations of South Asia from Klausenholf Akademy, Germany.

He has a long and rich experience of training in the development sector to enhance the skills and knowledge of participants of diverse groups with complex backgrounds and diverse languages. He is also an author and translator of several books in Urdu including “Road to Peace”. His expertise is based on his experience of working with dissenting groups and extremists. He believes that sharing his learning and learning from others helps to develop everyone’s OD practice.