Transformation Horizon: a new podcast series about using OD to address societal challenges

We are excited to announce the launch of a new podcast series called Transformation Horizon, led by our members Judy Oyedele and Sasha Farley and supported by IODA which will focus on sharing the stories of emerging and established practitioners who are using an OD lens to make a direct and positive societal impact.

The goal of Transformation Horizon is to provide bite-sized content to help energize and connect people in different places, spaces, and contexts who are using OD in non-traditional ways to shape the world. We aim to create a space that provides a breath of fresh air and gives them and their audience the chance to learn different ways in which OD can be a driver for social progress to change the world into a better place.


To get going with the first episode, we need the help of our community to connect with people around the world using OD to make an impact on societal challenges. Can you identify people (OD practitioners, students, activists, healers, etc.) from around the world who use OD in their local or global communities to help address various societal challenges? If you read that and someone’s name popped in your head, please reach out to Sasha and Judy at and cc any potential practitioners you feel are doing this type of work and who would be interested in participating. They are looking to interview guests from July through November.


During the 2021 OD World Summit, Sasha and Judy hosted a session that was meant to flip the script on traditional conference conversations (expert/experienced OD practitioner driven idea sharing) to focus on ideas and thinking from emerging OD practitioners. This “flipping the script” format worked well and received a lot of feedback from both emerging and established practitioners about how they enjoyed the new paradigm. It is as a continuation and evolution of that exciting endeavor, that the idea of this limited-run podcast series was born.  

Why are they doing this? Judy and Sasha’s drive behind this project is based on their own personal feelings of being overwhelmed, tired, and at times hopeless given the #UnprecedentedTimes we live in. Over the past 2.5 years, the one thing that’s remained a powerful mechanism for creating hope in their own lives has been connecting with people (old friends and new) and giving voice to the things worth celebrating.  

Thank you in advance for your help, we look forward to sharing the lessons and energy we gather with you all leading up to and following the Annual IODA Conference in September in Barcelona (30 Sept – 2 October). Remember, the Early Bird rate ends soon, get your ticket now!