New General Vice President

Vinaya Shetty

The IODA election committee is pleased to update you on the recent call to fill the role of General Vice President.
There were three excellent candidates who were asked by members to consider standing for the vacant GVP role. Each of these candidates met the requirements for the role and would have continued to serve IODA well in this role. 
After thought and consultation with others two of these candidates decided not to stand this time.

The election committee is very pleased to announce that Dr Vinaya Shetty has accepted the role as our next General Vice President. Vinaya is based in Mumbai, India and is well known to some of you and to many in her field of work.  We include the documents of reference and her energetic letter which will tell you more about this very capable practitioner who has a passion for what IODA is and what it can be.

We congratulate her on this role and are confident that her workof service for IODA will be vital for our mission and filled with energy as we continue to make a difference in the changing world.
Vinaya Shetty from India is elected as the new General Vice President of IODA and she accepted this role.


Energetic letter to members
Recommendations by Peter Kalmar and Mohanakrishnan Raman


We are surrounded with innumerable new situations and rapidly changing scenarios in every aspect of our lives.  Change, transformation and increasing ability to cope with new demands, is now a fundamental way of life.

IODA has a huge role to play, in enabling people, Organizations, Communities & Nations to build competencies and continually enhance their ‘Coping Quotient’, CQ !
We must accelerate our reach to Communities, Governments and of course to our discerning OD fraternity. Our tremendous learnings from each other at our conferences, our exploration and appreciation of cultures and the pure emotions & warmth of human interactions should be spread far and wide.