We would like to invite you to submit your nomination or recommending another IODA member for the elections of IODA’s new General Vice President (GVP).

Michelle de Bruyn from South Africa successfully ran for president. Hence,
her previous position as General Vice President has become vacant.
IODA would like to fill this position again and welcome the new elected President during the annual conference in Chile in November 2019.

Nomination Form GVP 2019

The purpose of the role is to create and execute strategy, with the support of a volunteer team, focusing on strengthening IODA as an organization, energizing community engagement, and building relationships and collaboration with other organizations and institutions in service of IODA’s purpose of co-creating the global OD community.
The GVP has a three year term of office starting after the results have been announced. The installation of the position will be celebrated during the annual conference in Chile in November 2019.

Check out more detailed information
Role description for General Vice President
IODA’s strategic directions
Election time line

Election process
Members will have the opportunity to nominate themselves or recommend another IODA member.

Nominations need to be submitted until  October 03, 2019.
Elections will be held from October 10 – 25, 2019.

Who is eligible for nomination?
To be eligible for nomination, one must have paid their membership dues within the last 365 days. The reference day for counting back 365 days will be the date you will submit the nomination letter, photographs and two nominations by – preferable – other IODA members.

Your membership has expired? You are not a member yet and would like to participate in the elections? Register or renew today online. Click HERE.

Closing date for submitting nomination forms
October 03, 2019

Closing date for candidates submitting your letter, photo and two recommendations
October 05, 2019

Recipients of nominations
Please submit your nomination to all members of the Election Committee.

Rod Barnett      salientrod@gmail.com
Ken Nishikawa  kenskw01@gmail.com
Silke Haebold  silkehaebold@online.de

Think about nominating yourself or recommending another IODA member for this position and to contributing and working in this way to guide the development of IODA together with your fellow members.

The Election Committee