Chile: Our conference is on

Chile is going through some challenging times. As a nation, we are facing deep rooted social issues which broke out last Friday but are not unique to our country.

The people of Chile are saying NO to violence generated by the few who do not comprehend the nature of social inequality and economic inclusion.

The people of Chile are standing up for the inclusion of diversity of thinking and generating trust by coming together and supporting each other in their neighborhoods to get back to a normal life this Monday morning.

The people of Chile will not yield when face with aggressive behavior. We want peace! And support the government in reestablishing dialogs which are much more relevant today.

Transportation is back with the support of many, businesses are opening little by little and people are reaching their jobs.

There will always be protests and demonstrations, it’s part of being in a democracy, peaceful demonstrations which have been the example since yesterday, family protests and these are the families which will NOT give up the streets of Santiago or Chile to a few delinquents.

This committee feels these are the right times to bring meaningful conversations into light. Inclusion, diversity and trust are key words that become precious values among human beings.

We invite you not to let this opportunity go by.

We are ready to host the conversations that matter and learn together a new way to lead, a new way to collaborate and a new way to own our future!

At the same time we are alert to the latest developments of this social process and will keep you updated as soon as new events arise.


Come and join us this coming November.

Conference Chair Claudia Raffo and the Chile Committee.