Suzanne Zaldivar as RBA WINNER 2019

Having met the criteria for the award, Suzanne Zaldivar, USA was unanimously chosen as the winner of the 2019 Richard Beckhard Award.

Suzanne joined IODA when she attended the 2012 Conference in Mozambique.

Later she became IODA’s Membership Coordinator and immediately impressed everyone with her professional activity. She opened up and sponsored an online platform to give IODA members a chance to network throughout the year and between conferences. With her personality she was bringing new energy to the whole team.

In the five years to follow, IODA members have grown to know and love Suzanne for her enthusiasm, ability to motivate people, empathize with others, her humility and as a great team worker. She didn’t promise things she could not deliver. She was open, honest, truthful and fair in her dealings with others.

In 2015 Suzanne led the program team of the 2nd OD world summit in Portland, Oregon, USA.

It was no surprise when Suzanne beat a strong competition and became the winner of IODA’s presidential elections in 2016. As President she continued to work with her EC and facilitated the very successful IODA conference in South Africa in 2017.