Improved online services

There is a lot of energy buzzing around IODA lately!  Re-discover all the reasons you are a member, or renew your membership.

  • We are preparing to join Ken Nisikawa at the World Conference in Kyoto, Japan this August 27-29, 2014, and hope you will join us!
  • We are very excited to announce the launch of a fresh website!
  •  We are preparing to launch a new social media site designed exclusively for members! Members will receive an invitation shortly.

Stay tuned and make the coming Saturday as a special IODA day for you. The new services will have features you will love.

Important notes:

Anyone, who has registered on the website with IODA before needs to re-register on this new web site.  If you have already paid your membership for 2014 or beyond, you will receive a number code in a separate e-mail within the next three days which you will need to use to re-register on the new website. Watch your mailbox.

New members or renewing members will have the opportunity to purchase an IODA membership by credit card easily and fast.

IODA has deep tradition of creating space where OD practitioners, academics and students can come together from all over the world to share and celebrate.  Help us strengthen this wonderful tradition by:

  • Joining us in Japan
  • Checking out our new website
  • Participating in the new social media space once you receive an invitation
  • Encouraging others to join
  • Making a donation to support this wonderful network of dedicated professionals

The IODA Website Working Group