Scholarship Opportunities 2014

The IODA community is proud of its scholarship tradition.
We have supported young OD professionals as well as long term IODA members, from challenged economies, and new emergent academic programs in Africa, Chile, Hungary, Mexico, Thailand and other Asian and South American countries.
The scholarship process has been opened. Latest day for submitting your application is June 15th, 2015.
To receive a scholarship you must be a member of IODA.
The applicant can get awarded up to two times in their life time.
The scholarship provides conference registration and accommodation, meals served at the conference facility and cultural events included in the conference program.
Scholarship recipients are responsible for all other costs prior to, during and following the conference, including transport costs from your country to Kyoto, Japan.
Each year the IODA scholarship committee cooperates with the current conference teams.

What to submit?
Please submit the attached application form together with a brief CV including a digital photo of you and an endorsement letter by an OD professional, preferably an IODA member.
Applicants are advised to immediately begin to find out the process for getting a visa. This differs from country to country and can take a long time. So please be ready if your scholarship application is successful.
The current conference scholarship committee consists of:

IODA Members and others can contribute to scholarships in several ways:

  1. Donate to the IODA scholarship fund. These funds are used for membership and/or conference scholarships.
  2. Make a donation directly to the Annual Conference Team under the leadership of the Conference Chair. These funds support accommodation, board and cultural events.

For additional conference information please visit the conference web page:
Attached file: Application_form_IODA_scholarship_2014.doc