Season’s Greetings and happy Holidays

2014 will soon come to its end and 2015 is round the corner. It is now time to celebrate our achievements and look ahead to the coming year, so on behalf of the 12 of us working together in close cooperation in the Executive Committee of IODA, let me just do that. First of all we hope 2014 brought you peace, laughter and prosperity and that you are all ready for more. For IODA 2014 has been a great year packed with action and new possibilities and with yet another wonderful conference in Kyoto, Japan. Thank you so much Ken for making it happen, you and your great ODAJ team did a fantastic job, congratulations. Meanwhile we invested time, energy and a significant amount of our financial resources into refreshing our looks and the IODA Newsletter, we launched a new website that now has a fresh and modern feel and makes it easy to become a member and pay your financial dues. Plus linked to the website we also launched a “members only” area on one of the best social networking sites to give our community the possibility to stay connected throughout the year in between conferences too. Furthermore, breaking news: we are now partnering with OD Network, one of the most prestigious organization in our profession, to organize together the 2nd OD World Summit in Portland, Oregon. So our Annual IODA Conference in 2015 will go back to the United States after 16 years and for those of us who have not been to an OD Network Conference before, this is the chance to enjoy the IODA spirit and explore that too in one go. Naturally more information will follow, but it is now time to start planning your trip and as a first step put the dates into your calendar:


IODA – ODN Annual Conference & 2nd OD World Summit

17th-20th of October 2015 – Portland, Oregon, USA  

Last but not least, all of this would not be possible without your presence, your participation and your contribution. So hereby let me thank you for your ongoing support and making IODA what it is today, the driving force in building a Global OD Community around the World. Hoping that we will see each other and celebrate in Portland, we wish you all the best for the Festive Season and the year ahead of us:

Peter Kalmar – Rod Barnett – K.C. Soares – Karen Davis – Alette Vonk – Suzanne Zaldivar – Silke Haebold – Peter Norlin – José Campoverde – Mohanakrishnan Raman – Ken Nisikawa – Alfredo Mazive