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IODA - an international professional membership association serving OD professionals, is a vibrant and supportive network of organization development practitioners and students from around the world who join together to learn how OD is practiced in different countries, to share best practices, and to support one another in designing and facilitating change efforts in their organizations and global communities.

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World Conference

IODA is committed to giving voice to all regions of the world, so we host a world conference each year on a different continent. Join us and immerse yourself in the local culture, history and practices of OD, while engaging in a global exchange about the potential OD has to change the world.

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Professional Networking

Become part of a rich network of people from around the globe who are passionate about what OD can bring to organizations, businesses and communities. Learn more about our members, find a way to get support, compare best practices, share resources, develop friendships and connect to opportunities.

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IODA News is our premier newsletter that is part members’ forum and part global platform. Rich, colourful, fascinating: IODANews updates you on conferences and provides inspiration through journal-quality articles, reflections, poetry, photos, and stories.

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Professional Development

From Mozambique to Thailand, our members are active in OD education and mentoring. We bring theory to practice and let practice inform theory. We provide support to young professionals, students and those change agents seeking communities of practice for their work.

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The IODA Network 
chances & opportunities

Whatever your personal reason is for joining our community most members find IODA special because we are membership driven, a learning organization and we have an international focus on diversity. The IODA community offers you a wide range of opportunities and advantages:

Membership of IODA connects you to people all over the world who are involved with Organization Development. As a professional, you will have opportunities to interact with other professionals all over the world.

We, as organization development professionals, value individuals and organization, process as well as outcome, communication, openness, and feedback. We are expert in the behavioural sciences, and we value psychological aspects of life including emotion, openness and candour.

We have fun and enjoy meeting each other once a year during our world conferences which take place on a different continent each year.

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