Scholarships 2017


 Thriving through diversity – IODA FLOURISH Conference,

September 06 – 08, 2017 at the Sustainability Institute, Cape Region.

The application process for conference scholarships is open.  The scholarship provides conference registration and meals served at the conference facility and cultural events included in the conference program. With the support of the conference host team IODA/ FLOURISH provides free accommodation for you during the conference and a free shuttle service to the conference location.

Scholarship recipients are responsible for all other costs prior to, during and following the conference, including visa costs and transport costs from your country to the conference location at the Western Cape in South Africa and back.

To receive a scholarship you must  become a member of IODA.

Please submit your application form to all three members of the committee. Add a reference of an OD professional – ideally an IODA member – and your brief CV including a digital photograph of you until:

Monday, April 10, 2017.

Download your application form HERE.

This year the members of the Scholarship Committee 2017 are:

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