Call for your Proposal

IODA / SAODN International Conference

Round 1 & 2 for Collaborator Proposals 

This joined IODA – South Africa OD Network (SAODN) conference is an unique opportunity  to share your passion with other international OD practitioners.  We would like to invite your voices and call on your collaboration.

Why do we ask for Collaborators rather than Presenters?

The conference design supports mutual learning and equal participation, through different, shifting and shared roles from everyone participating. Collaboration implies co-creation and participative ways of sharing experience, theory and questions rather than providing sanitised “solutions” and absolute truths.

IODA Flourish focuses on contributions, tools and methodologies to support effective, sustainable organisations in a complex, challenging world.  We invite you to submit a proposal to be a collaborator at IODA Flourish – to bring something into the conversation and share your passion, research, idea, methodology or story.

Download the form and submitt the proposal



IODA Flourish is accepting Collaborator Proposals for the following deadlines  

ROUND 1: Wednesday 4 January 2017
First-round submissions shape our pre- and post-conference agenda and identify plenary anchor sessions. Please submit your proposal as soon as possible.

ROUND 2: Wednesday 1 February 2017
A second round of proposals and session shaping will develop our final agenda and confirm details of concurrent sessions.

Collaborators will be selected and notified within 3 weeks of each submission deadline.

We are looking for a broad range of diverse collaborators…

  • Do you have an unusual or provocative perspective on how individuals, groups, organisations or society can and do thrive in a diverse world?
  • Do you have a powerful story or case study of transformation that offers insights and fresh possibilities?
  • –Do you have ground-breaking research or applied experience that is well founded, researched or practically tested and sheds light on these challenges?
  • Do your ideas/methods/stories cross boundaries, engage diverse voices and work in the realms of diversity, inclusion, power, privilege and transformation?
  • Can you facilitate in an engaging and interactive way and are you willing to partner with a process coach to prepare collaboratively?

Please note that, in line with the ethos and principles of IODA and the SAODN, all collaborators are expected to register, pay for and attend the full conference. We will not accept collaborator proposals for drop-in presenters who are not part of the full conference.
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