My Journey to IODA and to South Africa


The seeds were laid for me in 2016, for flourishing in South Africa 2017. It was dormant and suddenly sprouted in April for participation. The confirmation came in the form of a scholarship to me and then, the challenge of planning for the whole trip. When I became aware of what is not going right, I was extra cautious. There were obstacles throughout the journey. Missed my first VISA interview, travelled almost 40 hours back and forth to pick up certificates and spent hardly three hours at home. I took my dance costume, though unaware whether I would be performing! I kept a low key, however, trusting the magic; and then, the magic happened! Everything became possible. When there is intent, the universe shows the way and makes it possible.

There was an anxiety of travelling far, staying in a different place, and waking up in unknown territory. When the days came closer, I was all excited. However, I felt homesick on the flight. But, the moment I stepped foot in South Africa, everything vanished and when I reached the Sustainability Institute, there were more reasons to smile, seeing everyone and feeling welcome.

It was an amazing journey from start to finish of the conference. The divinity in each one of you made me perform to my best! The energy of each one transformed the other. What can be a better way to connect and empower ourselves than our own art and culture through an IODA conference? I lived and loved each moment.

I moved to the voices, the instruments, music, and presence of people both internally and externally. Never realized that theories could speak to me or I could speak to them. The insight is to go back to the roots again to create new theories!

I realized that any prejudice could be shooed away by a child; just by introducing his mother for a session. It is an intervention of its own kind!

The site visit was also a twist, in terms of being the last person to join the group to then leading the group. In waterfront my connection was more with water than wine! The hills surrounding it looked huge and magnificent.

I felt that the 3-day conference ended too soon and left me shocked and empty! The love of the people brought tears to my eyes and the hugs we shared said it all! Indeed overwhelming!

The silence of Institution started synching in me. It was difficult to see people leaving. However, dinner with friends paved a way to be together again…Seeing & being! Parting was most difficult especially, when “let go” was not easy to “let go”.

Now, five more months to go…to new stories and life changing events!

With lots of love and hope, waiting to meet you all again!