Letter from Suzanne Zaldivar

IODA's new president Suzanne Zaldivar

Dear wonderful IODA members,

It is a deep privilege for me to reach out to you as the President Elect of IODA.

Thank you Peter Kalmar

First of all, I am extremely grateful for the incredible leadership of outgoing President, Peter Kalmar.   Peter has led IODA on a path of broadened visibility, increased membership, heightened volunteer activity, and galvanized energy.  IODA is well respected for our thirty-year commitment to co-creating a global OD community as well as highlighting the power and results of OD across the continents.  In addition to leading IODA on a path of clarified strategy and careful execution, Peter’s tireless energy and commitment brought us the 1st OD World Summit in Hungary in 2010 as well as the 2nd OD World Summit in the USA in 2015.  Please reach out to Peter and let him know how much you have appreciated all he has done not just for IODA, but also for the global OD community.

Welcome to Mohanakrishna Raman and Claudia Raffo

IODA’s Executive Committee and Board are made up of highly committed people who believe in our mission and the critical role of our profession in the world today.  It is a joy to work with these talented colleagues!  At this time, we are all excited to welcome (or re-welcome!) two new Vice Presidents.  One is long-time valued member Mohanakrishnan Raman, from India, who will serve as our VP, Conference and Events.   Another is the wonderful Claudia Raffo, from Chile, who will serve as our VP, Membership and Communications. Thank you both for joining us in strengthening IODA even more!

Invitation to India

We are in for a treat this year!  IODA is going to vibrant, innovative, enchanting India Aug. 24-27, 2016 for our conference, “Future Forward: OD in the Changing Global Landscape”.  Mohan and his incredible colleagues invite us to Mysore which the New York Times recently listed as one of the 31 must-see places on earth!  This fascinating conference will bring together all the stakeholders of OD – executives, academics, consultants and students – in an enlightening dialogue.  We will all leave energized about the power of OD to affect positive change in our world.  There is still time to register.  Will you join us?

You as IODA member

This is a very exciting time to be a member of IODA.  We have tremendous momentum, enthusiastic members, and tons of creativity. IODA is uniquely positioned to highlight the impactful work of OD practitioners and share best practices as well as how theory is informed by thought leaders from around the world.

The engine of IODA is its membership.  Moving forward, our goal is, in collaboration with you, wonderful IODA members, to continue to strengthen this unique and vital organization.  You’ll hear more from me in India and after.   I look forward to working with you.


Suzanne Zaldivar

July 2016