Editor’s Corner

IODA Elections

Our thoughts and love goes out to Suzanne Zaldivar who has led this Association until last year. As Suzanne stepped down as President to practice self-care and prepare for a difficult journey ahead, Michelle de Bruyn stepped up to take over until the elections in early May. To that end, please stay tuned, watch your mailboxes to see our candidates, and vote. Also, be sure your membership is current so you can participate in the election process. Renew your membership (or join).

We remain grateful to Suzanne and Michelle for their efforts to keep our community moving forward.

IODA’s Platforms

I attended an OD Conference in Washington, DC in October 2018. It was my first OD conference and I only knew a few people. This caused some excitement and also some nervousness. I was hopeful, I’d make some connections and would have an opportunity to get to know a few of the OD people.

And then, I saw Karen. I knew exactly who she was because I had been following IODA Turkey on social media. I watched videos and photos on Instagram and Facebook and, even though I couldn’t be there, I felt connected to the people in attendance. In one such videos, I saw Karen and she signaled “I love you” in sign language and explained to the person shooting the video what she was doing.

We have been using this symbol of sending love in family and I smiled as I watched the video of people engaging in Turkey and feeling as if I was part of it. And as I saw Karen at this conference in DC, I walked up and introduced myself and told her the story of how I knew who she was from the video. She invited me to a session of International Practitioners and I also got to meet Ken.

I was grateful for having followed IODA on the social network as I had given me the instant connection and familiarity. I was embraced into the IODA family that day and it was wonderful.

To stay connected with one another, IODA members utilize the following platforms:

Connect, engage, and get important IODA Community updates by engaging on any or all of these platforms.

Can’t wait to see what else I am learning about IODA, our members, and the upcoming Chile conference by logging into these social media sites.

Hugs, Astrid