Book review – Leopold Stieger

The Free Activity Phase

Between career and retirement

Meaningful designing of this phase of life

Years ago, Leopold Stieger repeatedly tried to make people aware of the topic of “Utilizing the potential of older people” at IODA conferences. With very little success, because it is still not a business for consultants. But the train rolls, if you’re late, you miss it.

About the book:

For the first time in human history, a completely new phase of life has been given to our generation: The “free activity” phase. In the past people thought that they would retire after leaving the job market. It can be assumed that this new period takes at least 20 years. BUT it is up to the individual whether he accepts this great opportunity and does not orient himself on his birth dates, but on his potentials.

Is it possible to prepare for this new time? Yes: The book offers 11 arguments for this. Exciting life stories from very different people are perhaps even more convincing than “grey” theory. If you accept your challenge for the new phase of your life, you will experience with the book a path that leads you step by step to your own potentials and finally, after 15 steps, to a personal vision of your life after work. There are many guides to this topic, but this book is the first concrete guide, it is a seminar in book form. Countless tests show how healthy such a challenge is: Those who do not use them give away two months per year of life.

About the author:

The author: IODA Founding member Leopold Stieger, born in 1939, re-started during his time as a freelancer and focused on the target group “people around the transition” with his platform

Seniors4success –

He is the pioneer of personnel development in Austria and founded GfP – The society of human recourse development in 1972, which he handed over to his sons in 2004. He studied business administration at the University of World Trade in Vienna and received his doctorate in 1965. In 2005, he was awarded the professional title of “Professor” by the Federal President for his services to the personnel development. His life motto is: Success through conscious self-development.

With cartoons by Kristian Philipp

124 pages, hardcover, ISBN 978-3-99036-017-0

About 18 $US, German Language

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