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Portland as Tourist – A warm Welcome to all World Summit Participants

Perhaps to compensate for the damp Pacific Northwest winters, Portland is very alive with cultural happenings, musical entertainment, and theater. But those same rains also nourish the city’s impressive gardens. Oregon green spaces range from roses and rhododendrons to a classical Chinese garden.

Portland is the largest city in Oregon. Founded in 1844 on the west bank of the Willamette, it now straddles the river and has the nickname, Bridge City.

Much of the town was destroyed by a great fire in 1873, but after rebuilding, it developed into a thriving port city.

Though new transportation hubs in the Seattle area have diminished Portland’s status as a shipping destination over the years,

it is still considered one of the most desirable places to live in the United States.

There are exiting places that can be accessed from your hotel either on foot or on the MAX line.

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