Significance of the conference september 24-27, 2013

The 28th IODA Conference will be held in Lima, the capital of Peru, on the Pacific coast in the central part of South America.  It is a city with a population of nine million, which concentrates the political, economic, social, and technological power of a democratic country of 30 million inhabitants and with 192 years of independence.

Over the past 40 years, Peruvian Management has begun to develop.  In the seventies, public companies were privatized, and from then until 1985 there were reductions in the State apparatus; from 10 traditional Universities, 135 Universities came into being; and, in the past 15 years there has been an increase in Postgraduate, Master’s, and Diploma Courses.  In 2010, one University started a postgraduate course in Organizational Development – at a fundamental level, since certain traditional courses are included in its design.  OD is not yet so widely known as we would wish.


It has been given the title of PERMANENT TRANSFORMATION OF ORGANIZATIONS, based on three principles:

One:  The world is changing increasingly fast, it transforms itself, new countries come into being, new block relations, new technologies, new world routes emerge, minorities have more influence, religious wars, knowledge becomes diversified, work moves to the home, information technology multiplies world management and makes knowledge detonate within a radius of  360º.

Two: Companies grow and become multicultural, decision-making power gets diversified, delivery dates become shorter, and changes are more dynamic. Small businesses grow faster than they did 40 years ago. Medium and large companies emerge, where there was no room before.

Three:  Interacting changes advance faster than behavioral changes. Fashion lasts less time. All organizations are en route to process management.