Call for Nominations RBA 2017



IODA 2017 Richard Beckhard Award for

All IODA members are invited and encouraged to nominate candidates for this honor until  April 30, 2017.
Please send the name of the candidate and the required information by e-mail to the Richard Beckhard Award (RBA) Committee Chairman,
Noble Kumawu: OR

The nomination and selection process will result in a final candidate being announced at the annual IODA conference in Cape Town, South Africa, September 6-8, 2017.
This award is open for all members of IODA except those serving on the IODA Board / Executive Committee and the RBA Committee.

The selection will be based on excellence in the following areas:

  1. Contribution to the management of IODA
  2. Introduction of new tools, models or interventions, innovative theories and conceptual frameworks of OD
  3. Broadening the field through research and publications (academic and practical)
  4. Presentation of high quality lectures and or conducting innovative workshops at IODA conferences for at least five years
  5. Fundamentally challenging the way of thinking about the values and practices of OD
  6. Adding value to societies, organizations and individuals with whom they have worked.
  7. Spotless professional and ethical reputation
  8. The quality of OD Training the nominee has undergone to become a practitioner.

The requirements for nominating a candidate:

1. Complete and absolute confidentiality in the presentation of the nomination of the candidates. Candidates should not be informed in any way about their candidacy.
2. A letter in support of the candidate with a personal statement about why you are making this nomination
3. Proper references of the candidate’s professional work must accompany the proposal (ideally including curriculum vita and references)

The presentation of the 2017 award will be made at the  IODA World Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, September, 2017.
More information about the conference:

Thank you,
The RBA Committee