OCTOBER 15 – 17, 2020,



Dear IODA members and members of the OD community,

One of the best parts of our community is gathering together each year in a different host country, where we get to meet, to share and learn, to mingle and connect, recharge, laugh, dance and have fun. This year, since we cannot meet in person as an international community, but we still have the dates of the 3rd OD World Summit in our calendars, we are working on a fun and innovative way we can still come together. As we believe that now – more than ever – we need each other as a Global Community!   So, to cut a long story short here is an invitation to all of You to “IODA’s 2020 Global Online Gathering”, which will indeed be a Virtual Conference Crawl around the globe on the original dates of our 2020 conference, October 15, 16 and 17. Please put it in your calendars or simply don’t erase it, if it is still in there. We’d love to have You join us.
The idea is that this time instead of one host country, we are going to have 3 consecutive days with different continents hosting You for 3 hours of learning, fun and immersion each day. This conference/gathering will be free and open to all, with the notion that if you enjoy the event You should become an IODA Member or just renew your membership plus we will accept online donations gratefully to support IODA’s mission.

You can attend one day or all three, whatever works for you, just choose the “Block Party” you want to attend or make yourself available for all 3 runs. Continent blocks – based on time zone groupings – will include: the Americas as a 3 hours “Morning Shift” on the first day, Africa-Middle-East-Europe as a “Day Shift” on day two and Asia-Australia as an “Evening Shift” on the third day. Join whichever session you can. Even, if you are getting up early or staying up late, you will be saving the jet lag and the extensive travelling that normally goes together with our global conferences.

And stay alert, we will be inviting members to contribute to their Continent’s Day as the magic of IODA is in the unprecedented capability to host others in our own geographies and the unmatched skill of making sure we all submerge in the local culture.

Last but not least as you can see still we have a good number of moving parts here, but we are sure that if you hear our call, this will indeed trigger your creativity and by mid-October we will know very well what topics should we address and how exactly. So, stay tuned for more information and let us know what You think! Just respond to this invitation. We look forward to seeing You all in October!
All the best and big hugs to You.

Your Virtual Conference Crawl Team,
Michelle de Bruyn, Peter Kalmar, Jen Freeman