The Epic Ensemble

Referring to this quote by Mahatma Gandhi – that’s precisely what you all have done during this election.  With an astonishing voter turn out of 63 per cent we are delighted to witness the highest member participation in elections in the past decade! Thank you all for caring to make IODA ready for the future. 
Friends, voters, IODians! Hold your breath, as we seize this very historic moment.

For this position we have a tie between Professor Ken Nishikawa from Japan  and Glenda Hutchison from Australia. Given their extraordinary candidature, it is with immense pleasure that I inform you all that, we will have them both serve this role. 
Congratulations to Ken & Glenda. You made history!!! 
There could not have been a more opportune time to get two power houses of knowledge, wisdom and commitment to manage the role. Your verdict made this possible.
Given the colossal task lying ahead of us, in a world that has pressed the reset button, we will need to continually innovate and stay relevant. Conferences and Events will demand a new us. In 2014 and 2012 Ken and Glenda have both been conference hosts. Both have built a long relationship with IODA. They will collaborate to deliver meaningful interactions and platforms for exchange.
Here we want to thank our third candidate for this position Rami Ben Yshai from Israel for his offer to serve for IODA. 

There was an unopposed candidature for this position. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Kris Lea, USA as new VP – Memberships & Communication. Congratulations and we have immense pleasure on having you on board.
The current unprecedented occurrences, the massive efforts in creating more member value and building robust communication channels within the organisation and outside –  all this may seem daunting. However, due to her ardor and enormous passion Kris is indeed ready for the plunge! Kris is already leading a path-breaking initiative to build and sustain deep member engagement and to encourage professional connections around the globe. We will all learn more about this initiative from her in the coming months. 


Frequently, I tell others that I want to make the world a better place. I believe that contributing in this way will allow me to do that.  Yes, lofty I know, but I am a dreamer about a better future and work hard to build and operational programs that serve our beloved field of Organization Development.

IODA members grow and learn individually and benefit professionally from their engagement with each other internationally by expanding their mindsets, beliefs and experiences. A world enriched.

If you help me taking on my commitment, IODA gatherings will turn into the community of telling stories, sharing feelings and inspiring our purpose. I believe IODA can evolve if the community opens our hearts to accept the stories as energy for wise and mature.

The power of THREE, let them spell their magic!!
Thank you Willie Marais and Silke Haebold for being on the Election Board. Appreciate your very valuable inputs and assistance.
Dr. Mohanakrishnan, thank you for your services to the EC as conference chair and for your two terms as VP Conferences and Events.  You set the tone for future IODA conferences.
Claudia Raffo, we wish to take this opportunity to say thank you for your contribution and zeal in serving IODA.

Dr. Vinaya Shetty 
Chair Election Committee