New Elected President


It is an honor to be able to serve IODA as President. I have been an IODA member since I was a young adult. The people, knowledge, tools and values of IODA have both inspired and shaped me personally and professionally. 14 years later it is both a joy and a responsibility to contribute in this role.

I have a deep respect for our previous presidents, who have each brought their unique style and contribution, and helped to build us into the truly global, values-based organization and community that we are today.

I also have a deep appreciation of the dedicated people who make the work of IODA possible: from smooth administration, management and finance to active communication and social media, annual conference organizing teams to award committees; regional ambassadors to organizational partnerships. Most of this work is done on a voluntary basis and I hope to find new ways to support, strengthen and connect these efforts.


Co-creating a global community of OD professionals committed to Inspiring learning and change around the world and unleashing human potential in organizations and communities through:

sharing resources and sharpening OD practices;

cultivating relationships and our global network;

offering space and co-creating opportunities;

That make a difference in the world.


We have so much to offer the world and collectively we are still working out how to deliver fully on this potential.  

  • How do we share our values, knowledge and tools more effectively?
  • How do we further connect our tools and skills with the efforts to shift social, political, economic and environmental systems?  
  • How do we do more to build up young professionals around the world?

We have a range of resources, tools and technologies and partnerships available to us as a community that I would like us to find ways to use to increase our impact, including through virtual conversations, webinars and mentor-ships, or funded projects bringing international teams together to work on key issues of importance.

If you have ideas on how to increase the impact of our OD community, or if you would like to contribute, please get in touch.

Michelle De Bruyn, South Africa