IODA Newsletter January 2022

This past year was one of deep reflections, myriad of emotions, decisions made and altered, and a year that will herald new beginnings!

2021 saw the culmination of efforts and collective desires of us all to meet and we did it! The OD World Summit was simply beyond comparison to any other year: our determined resolve to see each other and to share knowledge defied any world crisis. We were truly blessed and are forever grateful to have partnered with Assumption University who delivered a stimulating conference that is etched in our memories. 

The cheer must persist and we look forward to meeting more often virtually. We intend to hold an in-person conference in Europe in 2022, and, to see each other even more often outside the conferences, we have an announcement to make that will enable a multitude of initiatives and member benefits… Soon, we will be launching a brand new website with amazing capabilities to network with each other, with sessions by members for members, with the ability to create captivating conversations, fascinating perspectives and pure fun! 

Let us together make 2022 abundantly rich with our continual interactions – personally & professionally. Wishing you all great health, positive energy, and most importantly unadulterated love from all of us at IODA. 

IODA Executive Committee

 As we are putting together our ambitious new events plan for 2022 with a rich calendar of monthly programs run by IODA members, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who helped IODA this year. We are so grateful for your knowledge, time and effort in disseminating the values of OD to the world. A very special thank you to Jen Freeman who has led multiple successful webinars with such energy and enthusiasm!

Please get in touch if you’d like to volunteer this coming year; we’d love to benefit from your super powers! We want to share our vision further every year and always need extra pairs of hands. 

Don’t forget it’s not too late to submit a proposal to lead a program in 2022. If you are working on something that can benefit the global OD community, we’d love to hear from you. We are currently receiving applications and it’s as simple as filling in this form!

A few of our members have been especially busy these past few months with their new publications. We want to publicly congratulate a few of them in this newsletter: