IODA Conference in India: 24-27 August 2016

by Dr Mohanakrishnan (Mohan)


Organizing a conference is not an easy task but the excitement comes when you get to see all your global friends in your own home turf, and that is a reward. IODA is known for its values & culture such as: high value for the relationships, respect and curiosity for learning about other cultures, languages, food, music and high respect and unconditional acceptance of fellow members, and diversity. With these set of values and practice it is also great fun and learning for the organizers to host the conference for IODA. We like to present some details here below for your information and understanding on what we try to achieve and bring to the table in this year conference.

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The theme of the summit centres on theory and practice, and what is established and what is to be advocated or recommended. Thus it is based on two axes: ‘knowledge – practice’ and ‘is – ought to be’. On the one hand, knowledge on OD is continuously developed and new practices are introduced. On the other hand, they are continuously appraised as to their capacity to explain phenomena and yield of the desired results.

The knowledge developed and the practices followed as such in corporate management mark the current status of OD. Certain areas of OD knowledge have been played out and others that stood the test of time are carried forward. So also in the case of practices, some have been rejected and others continue to serve their purpose. Knowledge found valid and practices found reliable continue to thrive.

While best practices are identified and continue to be advocated, and domains of knowledge continue to yield insights, new or hitherto unearthed practices and new or hitherto unshared domains of knowledge are to be brought to the light. A reconstitution of the best practices and valid knowledge is wanted along with new ones. And that will constitute the ‘ought to be’ axis.

To make the summit model serve its purpose, the design of the conference is also carefully drafted. The design purports the dialogue among the important stakeholders: academics, executives and consultants. There will be a sufficient number of sessions from all the stakeholders and using the LSIP techniques, the learning of each day will be captured and documented. Each day a keynote session will raise pertinent questions and set the base for dialogues, debates and discussions, followed by concurrent sessions. The concurrent sessions are designed to give enough space for all the three stakeholders. As an outcome of the conference, it is envisaged to publish the conference proceeding in a book form.




Having been given the conference model for creating a dialogue among the stakeholders of OD, then the question arises on what theme the stakeholders’ debate and agree? The theme of the conference revolves around the triple bottom-line issues, the context of volatile economic scenarios, the relevance of SME’s in OD practice, and the use of technology and OD embracing the technology for effectiveness of organization. Therefore the conference is driven by three major questions:


  1. Relevance of the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) – is this sustainable?

  2. How is OD influencing businesses in the volatile economic scenario?

  3. Embrace the Technology to enhance the impact of OD


The conference is designed in a high engaging dialogue model, and don’t miss the Indian approach to the learning process, with titles accordingly such as: “Future ForwardOD in the Changing Global Landscape – a Dialogue among OD Stakeholders.

The conference will take place between 24th to 27th August, 2016, three and half day format with the 12 keynotes and 30 concurrent sessions. The last day is for the learning visits to various sites in Mysore and whole group meeting to consolidate learning. Please visit the speakers page to know the keynotes and schedule page for complete details.


Pre Conference (22nd and 23rd Aug)
Accommodation @Country Inn & Suites

Edgar Schein will address the delegates through video presentation. There will be some interesting transformation stories at the corporate and community level by 10 great SPEAKERS from the OD domain. We expect OD colleagues from around the world contributing through their presentations in the conference. 30 concurrent speakers from all continents. Dialogue process through LSIP approach.

The purpose of this letter is to extend an invitation to you on behalf of the organizing committee of this conference and request you to block your calendar from 24th to 27th of August, 2016. Also we have the pre-conference workshops on 22nd and 23rd August 2016 from very accomplished OD professionals and institutions.

So come and dive into the sessions with a warm Indian Welcome, soak up the <speeches and performances, roll up your sleeves at a workshop and get lots of gifts, pick up souvenirs @ auction and don’t forget to save a little energy for the extravagant Bollywood nights and parties.

What else you need to pack your bags and head for the conference and see the incredible India?

Betterment of Organization Development starts here!

We await here to welcome you!!


Dr Mohanakrishnan (Mohan)

Conference Chair


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