Elections 2013

We would like to present to you the candidates for the elections to the IODA Board and show you how you can participate by voting. The election committee is proud to present to you these wonderful and outstanding people put forward by IODA members. We thank all members who have taken an active part in the election procedure by nominating and supporting candidates

There are two candidates for each position and we list them in alphabetical order:
Candidates for the role of President
Ben Arikpo, Nigeria
Peter Kalmar, Hungary
Candidates for the role of Membership Coordinator
Michaela Bristol-Faulhammer, Austria
Susanne Zaldivar, USA

We thank all of them for their willingness to submit their candidacy, for their willingness to serve the members, and their care for IODA and its future. Please read their excellent presentations and recommendations.

As you think about your vote, also take in to consideration the general commitments of the president and an elected board member:

The primary function of elected members of the board is to guide the association in fulfilling its vision and mission and to set all policy decisions according to the bylaws and the decisions of the member meetings.  An international and multicultural vision is important that reflects the interests and desires of OD practitioners worldwide

      • The Board member commits to attend the board meeting held annually preceding the annual world conference and the quarterly Telephone Conferences.
      • The Board member’s term of office is three years, beginning two weeks following the posting of the election results.
      • The Board member commits to lead working committees during the year and participate in general e-mail discussions as they arise during the year.

Now, it is your turn!  This is how you can exercise your vote.
Voting procedure
The procedure this year will be easy to use and will be confidential and anonymous.
We will be using the online voting system set up by people at Cornell University (CIVS) and used by over 80000 people in many not-for-profit organisations like ours.

An email with the voting guidelines will be sent to you on March 5, 2013.
A second email will also be sent which will have the link to the on-line poll so you can click on the link and cast your vote.

Please check your mail box and if necessary your spam folder on March 5.
If you are an eligible voter and don’t receive the voting guidelines or invitation to join the polls on March 5th, please contact Silke our election clerk.
Time frame for voting
The time frame to vote will be from March 5 until March 20, 2013.
Eligible members
To be eligible to vote you must be an IODA member who has paid membership dues for the year in which the election is held (2013) or for 2012.

Each member may vote only once for each position.

Renew your membership today so you can have a say!

We wish all candidates much success in the upcoming elections.

Please do not hesitate to contact the election committee in case you have any questions.

Best regards,
Election Committee

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