Election announcement

IODA Vice President position is up for elections


Following the board decision at the IODA Telco on 1st of February 2015 there will be elections for one vacant positions on the Board of IODA. Rod Barnett’s first term as vice president ends in 2015.

General role and term of the vice president

The primary function the vice president is to guide IODA in fulfilling its vision and mission and to set all Board policy decisions according to the bylaws and the decisions of the member meetings. An international and multicultural vision is important that reflects the interests and desires of OD practitioners worldwide.

The vice president has a three year term of office, beginning two weeks following the posting of the election results.  The vice president commits to attend all EC meetings and participate in all e-mail discussions as they arise during the year. For a  detailed role description click here.

Election process

IODA members will have the opportunity to nominate themselves or recommend other members.

Election committee

To conduct the elections a four-person Election Committee has been formed:

  • Peter Kalmar, IODA President and Chair of the Election Committee;
  • Jose Campoverde, Member of the Election Committee;
  • Ken Nishikawa, Member of the Election Committee;
  • Silke Haebold, IODA Operations Manager and Election Clerk

The election process will take place during the period May 2015 – July 2015.

The election procedure will be sent to all IODA members within the next days, please watch your mail.

Eligibility criteria for nomination

Any IODA member seeking nomination must be a paying member in good standing for the current year or 2014. Any IODA member who is eligible to vote and who meets the nomination criteria may self-nominate or nominate another member who meets the criteria for eligibility for nomination. All members being nominated by others must be informed and have given assent before their names can be sent in as nominations.

Eligibility criteria to vote

To be eligible to vote, IODA members must have paid their membership dues for the year in which the election is held. So in this round of elections everybody is eligible to vote who has paid the annual membership fee for 2015 and all those as well who paid for 2014 and are planning to renew their IODA membership for 2015. If you want to renew today just click here.

Each member may cast only one vote.

Voting process

Voting will take place if there are multiple candidates for the  position as vice president and will be conducted using a formal and confidential process. The procedure will be easy to use and will be anonymous by using the online voting system CIVS.
The Election Committee will announce the election results to the candidates, members of the Board and IODA members.

We invite all IODA members who meet the eligibility criteria to participate in the voting process and vote for the position as vice president that is up for election.

Please think also about nominating yourself or recommending other IODA members for these positions in which they can make an important contribution in guiding the development of IODA together with your fellow members.

 An invitation with the nomination form can be downloaded here.