Marc Silverman is the RBA winner 2014

Sincere congratulations go to Marc Silverman, USA as Richard Beckhard Award winner 2014. The award was presented to Marc in Kyoto, Japan during the Gala Dinner of the 29th IODA conference. For his achievements and for his outstanding contributions to IODA Marc received a big-big standing ovation!


Marc’s strength in Organization Development is best show-cased through his specialization in Succession Planning, Conflict Resolution, Family and Corporate Governance, Family Protocols and Family Councils, Executive Coaching for Family Executives.


Marc held the presidency of the International Organization Development Association (IODA) longer than his predecessor and/or all his successors. He occupied the helms of affairs at the IODA presidency from 1988 to 1997. During this period, he facilitated the growth of IODA as a professional organization to members in over 40 countries, annual international conferences, and national development in the field of Organization Development. He also promoted educational programs in Thailand, Russia and Peru in Organizational Change.


Marc has not only contributed academically to the field of OD but also supported IODA financially whenever the opportunity availed itself. The Silverman endowment was established in 2011 and the principles of collaboration and of conflict resolutions Marc presented in Australia, 2011.


Marc has participated in several IODA Conferences and whenever he got the chance, presented papers. The most recent IODA Conferences Marc participated in being those held in 2011 (Australia) and 2013 (Chile).


Marc, we wish you all the best until we all will connect and will celebrate with you in Portland, 2015.


IODA Executive Committee

Richard Beckhard Committee

on behalf of all IODA Members.