A woman of Substance




The OD world lost one of its pioneers, the lady who relentlessly was committed to OD and bought  Asia/ South Asia into IODA. Succumbing to challenging health issues, Dr. Perla Tayko left for her heavenly abode on 19 October, 2020.
Dr. Perla Tayko’s commitment to establishing OD as an academician and taking it to  Business Firms & Corporates was unparalleled in the Asian Countries.

Dr. Perla was the first Recipient of the Richard Beckhard (Among the Pioneers of OD in the USA) IODA Award on Outstanding OD Professional Contribution to the OD Practice, given on October 10, 2002 at the 17th IODA World Congress held in Santiago, Chile.

And she was also given a Special Distinction as “Global OD Ambassador” of IODA by the President of the International Organization Development Association on October 20, 2015.    

Ever since the news of her death was shared, there has been infinite expression of the loss and sadness felt by all at IODA,  those who worked with her in her many roles at IODA, her students from Assumption University and the community of OD professionals.  

  “Besides Perla’s  many special personal qualities that people are mentioning – she really did bring Asia/Southeast Asia into IODA, starting with the Philippine conference in 1991. Perla lived her values.” nostalgically reminisces  K.C. Soares, IODA’s founding President.

Dr. Perla established the prestigious Masters and the Doctoral program in OD at the Assumption University and created high quality standards that made the program very popular.
Twice Perla served on the IODA Executive Committee, as she was the Conference Chair for two conferences that she organized for IODA in Asia.
Dr. Ulla Nagel, past President of IODA recalls: “She was highly respected and her passion for the field of OD was exemplary. Perla was never too tired to promote OD and to challenge her students. It is difficult to think she is not amongst us any more.”

Missing Perla dearly, every IODian who knew her or have observed her, give their condolences to her family and pray for them to get the strength to bear this loss. 
We will remember her with gratitude for her outstanding contribution to the field of OD and to IODA. Hence, we are inviting you to share your memories and thoughts with the IODA community: info@iodanet.org
Look up at the sky, there’s a star shining brightly from the October 19 night. It is our Perla reminding us that we must take this legacy forward.
All members of the
IODA Executive Committee