A Message from Noble Kumawu, IODA’s new President

Noble Kumawu

“I joined IODA 24 years ago (1998). This was during one of IODA’s international OD Conferences held in Nairobi, Kenya. I have been a member since and never regretted my decision to join this warm, friendly and family-centred OD career-linked Association.

Originally, it was not my intention to join IODA’s presidential race this year because I thought after South Africa, it should go to another continent. It was about one month to the deadline when I received a nomination notice through my mail. A couple of other members spoke to me thereafter and convinced me to throw in my hat. Now, the rest is history.

I want to use this opportunity to thank the membership for considering me worthy of the highest office of IODA. Whilst my gratitude goes to all members, some of whom I have chosen to be silent on, I want to single out one particular member who also submitted her application to contest for the President’s position. When I threw my hat into the race, she withdrew her candidacy and chose to endorse me instead. She wrote:

“I must decline my candidacy in favour of the expression of our main value: Ethics. I now know, that one of the candidates is, for me, one of the best, respected and most prestigious O.D. practitioner, Dr. Noble Kumawu”.

A unique woman with a big heart. Adriana De La Fuente, I am humbled and truly honoured by your action. I will try my best to justify the trust reposed in me.

I congratulate my good friend Dr. Kris Lea for stepping forward to declare her interest to serve our dear Association. Without members like you and I throwing our hats into the ring to serve when the call is made, IODA would not have qualified as a healthy organisation.

My first attempt was in 2016. Our sister and friend Suzanne, of blessed memory, got it and she didn’t disappoint us. I served under her administration as the Chairman of the Richard Beckhard Award Committee and I enjoyed working with her. I hereby extend an olive branch to Dr. Kris Lea and all those who voted for her. We now have to rally around the new administration and IODA’s activities, wherever possible. This is our Association.

I am a man of few words and a man of action. When I commit myself to a task, I like to see it to a successful conclusion, but this task is not only for the President and the Executives alone. It is for all of us, my predecessors, the membership, etc.

As stated in my motivational piece when I applied, during my tenure of office, I want to work with the executives and the general membership to:

  • Explore a new look at IODA | post-covid world requires a new look at IODA, just as we are helping our clients in our respective countries to do.
  • Explore how best to strengthen our presence on the various continents through the Ambassadors of IODA | this is a new dawn and we need to work to promote IODA in our various corners of the globe. Whenever and wherever OD is mentioned, let people the world over think of IODA.
  • Digitalisation | my predecessors have done a great job with social media. We have to ensure that we remain current.
  • Examine the Bye-Laws | remaining current has implications for our bye-laws too. My administration will examine the bye-laws and ensure that they also remain current.
  • Retain Existing Members, Attract New Members including the youth and Explore avenues for new Projects | I will work with the relevant VPs and members, and other individuals to meet members’ needs, bring on board new members and undertake projects that will sustain IODA as a pace-setter in the field of OD.

I have served and pledge to continue serving the vision and purpose of IODA. I will build on the hard work undertaken by my predecessors and leave a legacy that all members can be proud of as having co-authored and built together.

As stated in my motivation letter, I reiterate that I truly stand for IODA, which is commitment to Integrity, Organisation, Diversity and Accountability.

Fellow members, once again I thank you for the trust you have in me. Together, we shall move IODA to the next level.

Long live OD! Long live IODA!