Your DonationHow donations support IODA's Purpose and Mission

As a global community of professional members, IODA relies primarily on membership dues from new and renewing members to fulfill its purpose.  To broaden our international outreach, offer younger members new programs and services, and provide additional channels for professional connection, however, we rely on additional contributions from generous members and friends of IODA.



If such support is aligned with your personal situation and commitments, please consider making a donation to IODA.  Currently, you may earmark such a donation to support:




  • New Program Development.  Here funding is earmarked for new program design and delivery.
  • Conference Scholarships.  IODA maintains a fund to provide scholarships to enable eligible applicants to attend our annual conferences.
  • The Silverman Endowment.This fund supports the Saul A. Silverman Award for the Enhancement of Dignity and Rational Dialogue.  It provides grants to organization development professionals annually who are working on new, innovative projects in their country or region.

We believe that each of these options represents a different, productive way of enabling IODA to serve its members and the larger world with greater vigor and visibility.  And we appreciate your additional partnership, should that be possible.


Note:  IODA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Please contact your tax advisor regarding tax deductibility of your membership dues.