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Absolutely. The conference host, Adriana de la Fuente, can provide you with an invoice. Please get in touch directly with her at

You’ll find all the pricing information on this website in the registration page.

Mexico City is primarily served by one main airport: Mexico City International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez). It is the busiest airport in Mexico and one of the busiest in Latin America. However, there are also some smaller airports in the broader Mexico City metropolitan area, but they primarily handle domestic and regional flights. For international and most domestic travel, Mexico City International Airport is the main hub.

Absolutely! You have until April 1st to submit your application to lead a concurrent session. Please visit our dedicated page for all the details. 

Yes, you can come with your loved ones. You’ll have to make it clear when you book your accommodation and there may be an increase in the price. They can also participate in the post conference activity but you’ll have to purchase an extra ticket for them when you register

Absolutely. The conference is taking place at the Hotel Camino Real which is a unique 5 star hotel in a neighbourhood called Polanco. Hurry though, there are only 25 rooms at the excellent rate we negotiated for attendees of the conference. Find all the info about the hotel here.

Please find other suggestions on our travel page. They are all close to the conference venue. 

The visa requirements for attending a conference in Mexico depend on the nationality of the attendee and the duration of their stay. Mexico has different visa policies for different countries.

  1. Visa-Free Entry: Citizens of certain countries may enter Mexico without a visa for tourism, business, or transit purposes for stays of up to a specified duration (usually 90 days or less). They may be required to obtain a tourist card (FMM – Forma Migratoria Múltiple) upon arrival, which allows them to stay in the country for the permitted duration. However, the purpose of travel is usually limited to tourism or business activities that do not involve remuneration.

  2. Visa Required: Citizens of other countries are required to obtain a visa before traveling to Mexico for any purpose, including attending a conference. The visa application process may vary depending on the applicant’s country of origin and the specific requirements of the Mexican consulate or embassy handling the application.

It’s essential for conference attendees to check the visa requirements applicable to their nationality well in advance of the conference date. They should consult the nearest Mexican consulate or embassy for up-to-date information on visa requirements, application procedures, processing times, and any additional documentation needed for attending a conference in Mexico.

Additionally, if attendees require an invitation letter from the conference organizers to support their visa application, they should request this well in advance to allow sufficient time for processing. The invitation letter should include details such as the purpose of the visit, conference dates, venue information, and any other relevant details requested by the consulate or embassy.

We are working extremely hard to create an engaging conference program. As we prepare the detailed sessions, we are delighted to show you a preliminary program in our dedicated page that will give you an idea of the experience you will have during the conference. More details about the sessions and speakers will be added little by little. Stay tuned!

Adriana de la Fuente, our host in Mexico, has a dedicated organizing team working hard to bring you a unique experience. 

Adriana de la Fuente is the main point of call for the conference. She can be reached by email at

The distance between Hotel Camino Real Polanco and Mexico City International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez) is approximately 15 kilometers (about 9.3 miles) when measured in a straight line. However, travel distance can vary depending on the route taken and traffic conditions. By road, the journey typically takes around 30 to 45 minutes by car, depending on traffic. It’s advisable to account for potential traffic congestion, especially during peak travel times.

In October, Mexico City experiences mild to warm temperatures. The average high temperature during the day ranges from around 20 to 24 degrees Celsius (68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit), while the average low temperature at night can range from approximately 10 to 14 degrees Celsius (50 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit). However, temperatures can vary throughout the month, and occasional fluctuations or deviations from these averages are possible. It’s always a good idea to check a reliable weather forecast closer to your travel dates for the most accurate information.

The conference is taking place in an area called Polanco which is generally considered one of the safer neighborhoods in Mexico City. It is an upscale area known for its affluent residents, luxury shopping, fine dining, and cultural attractions. The neighborhood is well-patrolled by both private security and municipal police, contributing to its reputation for safety.

However, like any urban area, it’s essential for visitors to remain vigilant and take common-sense precautions to ensure their safety. 

We recommend taking Ubers to places that aren’t walking distance. Uber is excellent in Mexico City and provides a very good service. 

All IODA members will be personally received at the airport by the organizing committee and will be driven to their accommodation. Please send your flight details to the host once you have them at

If you’re not an IODA member, we recommend you get an airport taxi in the arrivals hall. The taxi companies present are all vetted and safe. 

Apart from the pre and post conference activities that have been carefully planned for attendees, there will be casual outings for each evening organized by the host and other attendees. 

The scholarship process will be announced soon. We are waiting for a conference committee member to be announced so the process can begin.