Would you like to lead a concurrent session at the event? 

You are invited to share with us some of the exciting things you are doing relevant to the conference theme that can advance our thinking and understanding of OD related topics and can provide an opportunity for sharing amongst the participants. You have until April 1st to submit your proposal. Please read the below to ensure you follow the conference guidelines.


Should you be interested in leading a session, you will need to complete a concurrent session application form.

  1. Submit your ideas on what you would like to talk about, how you will engage with the group and what outcomes you anticipate to achieve 
  2. Complete the conference session outline 
  3. We will respond to your outline and let you know if it has been successful in being allocated a spot


Each session will be 90 minutes in duration and will be capped at 20 participants per session, due to room capacity. If numbers exceed this cap, there is capacity in the schedule for the session to be repeated, depending on the session speaker agreement and demand. Sessions can be in the following formats:

  • Workshop: Professionals sharing their experiences, approaches, techniques, skills. This is a workshop format, providing participants with the opportunity to learn, practice and discuss
  • Case study: A current example of work done with a client, group or organization that will provide insight into our OD practice
  • Research: Present a paper on current research
  • Experiential: Participants will experience the methodology and technique as a way to understand the intent and potential of the activity

Please note, concurrent sessions are intentionally non-commercial. If you intend to pitch / promote / sell then your session will not be selected.


Concurrent sessions are only available to registered conference participants as we seek to create a community of practice, sharing information amongst those at the conference. To be considered, conference registration and payment must be completed.