A global gathering of the international OD community

We would like to warmly thank our global partners for supporting this conference. 


IODA is an international network of organization development professionals, consultants, practitioners, academics, students and social scientists from over 50 countries who are initiating and supporting organizational and societal change processes.

IODA is a community as well as a membership platform for OD professionals to connect, share and exchange ideas. If you work in organization and human systems development, HR, change management, capacity development, leadership or talent development, training, strategic planning, or any area involved in promoting healthy change, then IODA is for you!


The OD Network is the largest international association of Organization Development Practitioners in the world. Our members lead the profession and its practitioners in creating effective, healthy organizations.

The OD Network was established as the premier professional association for those practicing the burgeoning field of organization development. Today, the OD Network is resolute in providing our membership with what they need to remain connected, current and impactful in their practice of OD. We welcome global practitioners, scholars and all who are seeking to learn more about OD.


Organisation Development Australia (ODA), incorporated in 1999, is Australia’s longest standing not-for-profit, professional association in the field of organisation development.

We foster a welcoming environment to give you the opportunity to share experiences and grow through the richness of interactions with like-minded colleagues. ODA enables you to network and learn with others interested in organisation development, and offers a distinct professional development experience.

We pride ourselves on being unique – we are not traditional or bureaucratic and there are no sales pitches going on when we get together! ODA is experiential, fun, welcoming and hospitable. We are keenly interested in our members and what they bring.

org-ology | PLATINUM

Org-ology applies the current best practices and methodologies of larger consultancies in the nimble environment and with the personalized attention of a smaller firm. Our community of consultants brings energy, initiative, and imagination to solve clients’ business problems across various industries in ways that deliver value above expectations.


Howard Hermes is a business consultancy that stands on Strategy, Solution & Sustainability.

Our Purpose is to transform Organizations into Excellent Organizations by partnering with our clients to build Mindful Leadership across all platforms.