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IODA Webinar | Awareness to Embodied OD

August 22, 2022 @ 18:00 20:00

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About the webinar

Have you noticed any of your own movements closely in day to day life? From a simple turning of your head in a specific way to swaying of your hand? We can try playfully to imitate others but no movements from one person to another is similar. Our movements are connected to our psyche. We are integrated at physical, mental, emotional and social aspects. Change in one impacts the other. In somatic interventions, the change is from/through body & movement, to other aspects.

Among multiple intelligences that we have, the most essential yet forgotten is the body wisdom. As a Consultant in the client system there might be numerous occasions our body has indicated information which we might have listened to but ignored. Our own body image and movement creates significant impact in the client system. In order to use this intelligence, we need to know and listen to our body wisdom and utilize it. This is not to interpret others but to listen to our own self.  

In our session, we will focus on certain aspects in our own movements and the behavior we hold to deepen our awareness to somatic wisdom. We might get in touch with new insights about our own self which can bring in new perspectives about self and others. It is going to be fun and playful too! 

Let the embodied OD unleash a little more of ourselves to further enhance and use “self” as an instrument of change”.

This webinar will be free for IODA members to attend and $25 for non-members.

About the speaker

Lakshmidevi Vasudevan is an Organization Development and Dance Movement Therapy practitioner. She brings embodied experience and movement exploration as an integrated approach for holistic growth and development of people for all age groups and genders. She blends body wisdom and movement work as part of her facilitation wherever appropriate.

She has facilitated many sessions having body and movement as a significant intervention for clients, MBA, HR & OD students. She has also facilitated “Exploring Gestalt Through Body Work” for a Gestalt study group inspired by the article “Stretching in to our boundaries” written by Dr. John J Scherer & Amy Barnes. 

She is a professional classical (Bharatanatyam) dancer and pursues learning, performing & teaching. She is a Dance movement therapy practitioner from Tata Institute of Social sciences, Mumbai.

She is passionate about holding monthly online space for people to bring back the forgotten body wisdom through “Body wisdom circle”.

Webinar details

Date: Monday 22nd August 2022

Length: 2 hours

Time: India Standard Time: 18:00 | Washington DC: 08:30 | Santiago, Chile: 08:30 | Madrid, Spain: 14:30

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