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  • Chile: Our conference is on

    Chile is going through some challenging times. As a nation, we are facing deep rooted social issues which broke out last Friday but are not unique to our country. The people of Chile are saying NO to violence generated by the few who do not comprehend the nature of social inequality and economic inclusion. The […]

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  • New General Vice President

    Vinaya Shetty

    VINAYA SHETTY, INDIA The IODA election committee is pleased to update you on the recent call to fill the role of General Vice President.There were three excellent candidates who were asked by members to consider standing for the vacant GVP role. Each of these candidates met the requirements for the role and would have continued […]

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    We would like to invite you to submit your nomination or recommending another IODA member for the elections of IODA’s new General Vice President (GVP). Michelle de Bruyn from South Africa successfully ran for president. Hence,her previous position as General Vice President has become vacant.IODA would like to fill this position again and welcome the new […]

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  • Organization Development in Benin

    What if we thought of strengthening the capacities of Beninese executives in OD to support the change induced by the reforms under the “Rupture” era? Unfortunately, in West Africa, there is a recurring fact about the weakness of the systems in place and the difficulty of the states in ensuring a quality public service for […]

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  • Introducing a new, personal path to professional development for OD practitioners

    When you hear the word “supervisor,” you might first imagine a person responsible for driving performance in the workplace.  Someone accountable for directing and evaluating other peoples’ work. That, of course, is one legitimate definition of the role.  Below, however, we’ll be viewing supervision through another lens, defining it as a role with a different […]

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