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  • Holiday Greetings 2019

    Dear IODA Members and Community,  I hope this holiday season brings you time for rest, renewal, and reflection.For those of us who participated in the Chile conference – and probably for many others around the world – the sense of upheaval and the call for change is in the air.  Whether the issues are social […]

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  • In retrospect IODA Chile 2019

    Enjoy the beautiful summary, all memories and reflections. Watch the powerful inside and outside scenes in the video and this love song to our time together. Thank you very much team Chile! What a joy to have been hosted so well. Also, thank you for making up the link to the next conference, the 3rd […]

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  • Suzanne Zaldivar as RBA WINNER 2019

    Having met the criteria for the award, Suzanne Zaldivar, USA was unanimously chosen as the winner of the 2019 Richard Beckhard Award. Suzanne joined IODA when she attended the 2012 Conference in Mozambique. Later she became IODA’s Membership Coordinator and immediately impressed everyone with her professional activity. She opened up and sponsored an online platform […]

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  • Chile: Our conference is on

    Chile is going through some challenging times. As a nation, we are facing deep rooted social issues which broke out last Friday but are not unique to our country. The people of Chile are saying NO to violence generated by the few who do not comprehend the nature of social inequality and economic inclusion. The […]

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  • New General Vice President

    Vinaya Shetty

    VINAYA SHETTY, INDIA The IODA election committee is pleased to update you on the recent call to fill the role of General Vice President.There were three excellent candidates who were asked by members to consider standing for the vacant GVP role. Each of these candidates met the requirements for the role and would have continued […]

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