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  • IODA is mourning Luc Verhoeven

    Luc Verhoeven from Belgium passed away on 21 of May 2015. With pain in our hearts we report the unexpected death of our dear and precious colleague Luc Verhoeven. Words that characterized him: a sharp mind, prominent, warm person, professional, creative, upright, ethical, personality. We have enjoyed his philosophical, pointed mode of thinking and narrating, […]

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    SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP IN PERSONAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL LIFE Marc Silverman gets ready to run the 2nd annual retreat on spirituality and leadership – this year the seminar will be held in Cerro Punta, Panama, July 4-5, 2015. For more information contact Marc directly here. Like last year Marc plans to give a donation to the IODA […]

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  • IODA NEWS MAY 2015

    READ, ENJOY AND SHARE THE MAY 2015 EDITION This present edition takes you on a journey to Portland, the conference location of the giant 2nd OD world summit event. The pictures will take you there and we hope that you will be an active part of this epic global gathering in the Pacific Northwest. Furthermore, together with us reflect on IODA’s past […]

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  • Scholarship Opportunities 2015

    The IODA community is proud of its scholarship tradition. We have supported young OD professionals as well as long term IODA members, from challenged economies, and new emergent academic programs in Africa, Chile, Hungary, Mexico, Thailand and other Asian and South American countries. The scholarship process is now open for applications to assist with 2015 […]

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  • Richard Beckhard Award 2015

    For Outstanding Contribution to the Mission of IODA Call for Nominations is open until May 10th, 2015   All IODA members are invited and encouraged to nominate candidates for this honor. The nomination and selection process will result in a final candidate being announced at the 2015 OD World Summit in Portland, Oregon, USA. This […]

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