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  • Ben Arikpo, Nigeria is the RBA Winner 2015

    Ben, please receive warm and sincere congratulations as Richard Beckhard Award winner 2015! The award was presented to Ben in Portland/ OG, USA during the 2nd OD World Summit and first joined annual conference of IODA and OD Network. Ben received this award for his outstanding contributions to the mission of IODA.   Ben Arikpo […]

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  • The winner is Rod Barnett

    Thank you to everyone who voted in the recent elections for the position as Vice President. It was encouraging to see good levels of participation and interest in our two wonderful candidates: Juan Carlos Obrador from Chile and Rod Barnett from Australia. We are pleased to announce the official results and congratulate Rod Barnett as re-elected […]

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    We would like to present the candidates for the position of IODA’s vice president and show you how you can participate by voting. The election committee is proud to present to you these wonderful and outstanding two candidates put forward by IODA members. We thank all members who have taken an active part in the […]

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    Position of the VICE PRESIDENT is up for elections Rod Barnett’s first term as IODA vice president ends in 2015. We would like to invite you to submit your nomination or recommending another IODA member.   General role of the vice president The vice president guides the IODA organization in fulfilling its vision and mission […]

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  • Election announcement

    IODA Vice President position is up for elections   Following the board decision at the IODA Telco on 1st of February 2015 there will be elections for one vacant positions on the Board of IODA. Rod Barnett’s first term as vice president ends in 2015. General role and term of the vice president The primary function […]

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