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  • Organization Development in Benin

    What if we thought of strengthening the capacities of Beninese executives in OD to support the change induced by the reforms under the “Rupture” era? Unfortunately, in West Africa, there is a recurring fact about the weakness of the systems in place and the difficulty of the states in ensuring a quality public service for […]

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  • Introducing a new, personal path to professional development for OD practitioners

    When you hear the word “supervisor,” you might first imagine a person responsible for driving performance in the workplace.  Someone accountable for directing and evaluating other peoples’ work. That, of course, is one legitimate definition of the role.  Below, however, we’ll be viewing supervision through another lens, defining it as a role with a different […]

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    We would like to invite all of the IODA International members to the IODA Conference Chile to be held in Viña del Mar which is the tourism capital of the country. The garden city has beautiful vegetation and eight miles of coast and beaches to enjoy the summer time. Some of its attractions are Quinta […]

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  • Editor’s Corner #2

    Farewell Suzanne Our thoughts and love goes out to Suzanne Zaldivar’s family and friends, really to all of us who had the great honor to have been embraced by her spirit and hugs. June brought sadness as our dear friend passed on. I understand that her memorial service was beautiful and in true Suzanne fashion, […]

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  • President’s Corner

    Firstly, I would like to express deep gratitude for the life and contribution of Suzanne Zaldivar, and for the heart-felt and thoughtful leadership she provided to IODA.  I hope we are able to honour her memory by continuing to build an IODA that connects a global community of OD professionals and makes a difference in […]

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