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  • ODI SUMMIT 2018

    The Assumption University of Thailand Graduate School of Business, Organization Development Institute is hosting the ODI Summit 2018. The summit workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Jacqueline Stavros who is the originator of Strengths based framework, the SOAR Framework used in designing and implementing the strategic direction of teams and organizations using the strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results.   The […]

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  • My Journey to South Africa – IODA, 2017

    The seeds were laid for me in 2016, for flourishing in South Africa 2017. It was dormant and suddenly sprouted in April for participation. The confirmation came in the form of a scholarship to me and then, the challenge of planning for the whole trip. When I became aware of what is not going right, […]

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  • Re-Birth of Balance

    Designing the life and work for the new world   Greetings! Exciting news from Istanbul, Turkey! As IODA Turkey Team, we are working for IODA’s annual world conference 2018 which will take place between September 13-15, 2018. We are proud to present you the conference details at this stage. Feel free to check out the […]

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  • Foundation of IODA Pakistan in Lahore

    Dear IODA friends and OD professionals, At the beginning of March, I had the opportunity for a very special trip. I went to Pakistan, to the cultural capital Lahore, one of the big cities in the province Punjab. I was invited by our IODA colleague Irshad Ahmad Mughal. Our acquaintance dates back to 2001, when […]

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  • Structure, dialogue and change

      My experiences of the last two years working with organisations have highlighted the importance of consciously managing the tension between structure and form. Every structure is temporary. In any organisational system, the tension between structure and form needs to be managed creatively and in a developmental fashion. Whilst structure informs the prescription of functional […]

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