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  • The Tapestry – Episode with Gozde Berber

    This IODA Tapestry interview connected with Gozde, chair  of the  IODA Conference 2018 in Turkey. She shares how she found OD, what inspires her about being a part of the IODA community, and what she’s excited for in the upcoming conference. She sets the scene for the upcoming gathering and extends an invitation to everyone […]

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  • Presentation of Candidates

        This is another notification regarding the upcoming IODA elections for General Vice President in which we would like to present to you the candidates and show you how you can participate by voting. The election committee is proud to present to you these wonderful and outstanding ladies forwarded by IODA members. We thank […]

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  • Final Call for Nominations

    WE would like to invite you to submit your nomination or recommending another IODA member for the elections 2018. IODA is going to have elections for the position of the General Vice President. Rod Barnett’s second term ends this year. Rod, thanks so much for serving for IODA. The purpose of the role is to create […]

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  • Invitation to participate in a global research project

      IODA is thrilled to be one of the co-sponsors of a global research project being launched by Dr. Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge,  one of our recent Richard Beckard award winners, and Dr. Dave Jamieson, an ODNetwork Lifetime Achievement winner.  What makes this collaboration even better is that both are such amazing scholars, thought-leaders and just wonderful […]

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  • Elections for General Vice President

      This year IODA is going to hold elections for one position. Rod Barnett’s second term as General Vice President ends in 2018. We thank Rod for his wonderful leadership, for his wisdom and shaping IODA for the future. You are invited to join the process as candidate or as active member, who will be […]

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