A truly global network...

IODA is an international network of organization development professionals, consultants, practitioners, academics, students and social scientists. This non-profit association has members from 50 countries who are initiating and supporting organizational and societal change processes all over the world. IODA is a community as well as a platform for OD professionals to connect, share and exchange ideas.

What is IODA?

About positive change and connecting people around the world

IODA is about people passionate about positive change. It is a rich, diverse network of OD practitioners, students, and change agents who live the values of the organization development profession. IODA is the vehicle for connecting people around the world in support, education, and celebration. One member of IODA noted that OD “has to do with wholeness, oneness and interrelatedness”. The beauty about IODA is that it creates the space for true wholeness - connecting across differences – through differentiation – celebrating unique traditions and divergent worldviews. It is simultaneously global and local - drawing people out of their own worlds to connect, and inviting the world to settle in for a deep appreciation of what OD looks like on the ground in each culturally rich location.

Platform and support for OD practitioners

Since 1986, IODA has led the profession in providing a platform for OD practitioners to support one another across cultures and national boundaries. It encourages cross-fertilization of methods, theories and schools of thought. It models OD values by inviting itself to be informed by global events and history. Its members are constantly looking to make a difference and contribute to a better society. Light on footprint, and heavy on connections, it is the embodiment of the evolving organization. As such, it is uniquely positioned to be the change it wants to see in the world.

Why IODA is the right organization for you

  • You work in the field of OD and HRD, capacity building, coaching, change management, community building and similar disciplines
  • You believe in the potential and equality of human beings
  • You are interested in learning about what OD looks like in practice in different cultures - what works and what doesn't
  • You believe the profession should be informed by all regions of the world
  • You want to learn from, and contribute to, the expansion of knowledge and the enhancement of practice
  • You consider yourself a citizen of the world and welcome the chance to connect with international colleagues
  • You enjoy travelling and being open to other cultures

Are you inspired to become a member?