THE SAUL A. SILVERMAN AWARDPromoting Human Dignity, Rational Dialogue and Conflict Resolution

The Silverman Endowment was created to honor the memory of Saul A. Silverman, father of Marc Silverman one of IODA’s first presidents.


Saul A. Silvermann  


The Award: Each year funds from the endowment are used to make an award. The purpose of the award is to recognize and encourage people who have applied innovative tools and theory towards healing and the resolution of conflict, in line with Organization Development values and approaches.

Development of the Fund: Since the inception of the award IODA formed the Silverman Endowment Committee which is responsible for the development of the Fund and the Selection of the Award Recipients.

The committee currently includes: Marc A. Silverman, OD Consultant, Committee Chair and former President of IODA. KC Soares, OD Consultant, Founding President of IODA Michelle de Bruyn, OD Consultant and Current President of IODA Rod Barnett, OD Consultant and former Vice President of IODA

The funds are managed by the Rhode Island Foundation an organization that specializes in the management of charitable funds.

The Award Process: Individuals may nominate themselves or someone they believe would be an excellent candidate to receive this award. The applicant will be asked to complete a short application form motivating why they should receive the award. All applications are reviewed by the Selection Committee and recipient of the award is announced at the annual IODA Conference.

Criteria Considered in making the award:

  • Previously unrecognized practitioners.
  • People who have been on the ‘front lines’ of assisting individuals, communities or nations to move forward in their healing processes.
  • Work that has the potential to be replicated or extended.
  • How the work advances the theory and practice of conflict resolution in ways that align with organization development principles and values
  • How the work enhances human dignity and rational dialogue.
  • Advancements in the field of organization development and conflict resolution through new and innovative theory and practice.

Donating to the Fund:

Donations in any size are welcome. All funds received go directly into the Saul A. Silverman Endowment Fund, with proceeds used as to recognize recipients through this award.

As IODA is a registered 503(c) non-profit organization, donations are tax deductible for USA citizens. For those from other countries, check with your national accounting professionals regarding any tax savings.

Donations can be made most easily by credit or debit card by clicking here:

Donations can also be made by sending a check to the Rhode Island Foundation, One Union Station, Providence, RI 02903 and put “for the Saul A. Silverman Endowment Fund of IODA” in the memo line.