The Silverman EndowmentPromoting Rational Dialoge and Conflict Resolution

The Silverman Endowment, created to honor the memory of Saul Silverman, father of Marc Silverman, one of IODA’s first presidents, supports the Saul A. Silverman Award for the Enhancement of Dignity and Rational Dialogue.

Silverman Endowment

Marc Silvermann Recipients of this award are recognized for applying new theory and tools to promote global evolution and resolve conflict among individuals and groups from a rational, ethical and dialogical perspective.

Collaboration and conflict resolution

During his presentation of the Silverman Endowment at IODA Conference 2011 in Melbourne, Australia, Marc Silverman highlighted the principles that guided his father’s approach to promoting collaboration and conflict resolution among global partners.

Here are a few examples:

  • Dignity—yours and mine—is enhanced through rational process and dialogue.
  • Man’s ethical capacity is something that must be grown and developed.
  • The principle vehicle for growth is rational dialogue, which encompasses feedback and openness to looking at one’s self.
  • Once substantive matters have been negotiated, they require efficient implementation and follow-up structures.
  • Solutions to all substantive problems must include both long-term and short-term perspectives.
  • All people have the right to universal education, particularly psychological knowledge.