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Whatever your reason is to join our community, most members find IODA special because we are a membership driven learning organization and we strive to live our values by embracing diversity and welcoming people from all nations.
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Member Benefits

IODA is an international association of professionals, academics and students engaged in work that helps organizations and communities be healthier and more effective. If you work in organization and human systems development, HR, change management, capacity development, leadership or talent development, training, strategic planning, or any area involved in promoting healthy change, then IODA is for you!


  • Unequalled access to a rich network of OD practitioners around the world
  • Access to members-only Groupsite and an exchange of best practices, job opportunities and support
  • Searchable online IODA member directory
  • Listing of regional IODA networks
  • Affiliations with other major OD organizations

Center for Professional Development

IODA offers platforms for:

  • Sharing knowledge through social media, the annual conference and its newsletter
  • Teaching or providing training in OD programs among our network universities in Asia, Africa, and South America
  • Reduced registration for IODA conferences


IODA is planning to offer:

  • Online resources
  • Webinars in OD theories and practice groups


  • Free subscriptions to IODANews - our premier newsletter
  • Free access to previous conferences’ materials

Career building

  • Offering informal peer mentoring and coaching for
  • new OD consultants and students

IODA Membership FEE

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  • Professional networking
  • Learning and sharing
  • Career building
  • Contributing to our sociaty
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Four Year Membership

  • Proffesional networking
  • Learning and sharing
  • Career building
  • Contributing  to our sociaty
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