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IODA Turkey 2018 Experience

Ken Nishikawa - Japan

Unprecedented disasters, regardless of whatever those are man-made or natural, are always happening somewhere else in the world. News cries out for help on the Internet; empathetic emotion arises in my mind. What-if it were to happen in my life, what would follow next? In my mind came grit. A mega-typhoon, Jebi, one of which demolished many facilities in Japan, reminded me of grit to prove the value of OD.

I Spent Ten Days in Turkey I Still Don’t Know How To Say, ‘Teşekkürler.’ ‘Love’ is Getting Easier, Though.

Anne Hilb - USA

I do not have any tattoos. I do not foresee this changing, but my mom always told us that “dreams are free,” so I have given it thought in moments of daydream.

Were I to have a tattoo it would be the world “balance,” or some not so subtle reminder to.

Living in balance has long been a challenge for me. I get lost in the mirky middle; a beautiful but twisty place to be- or I quickly take myself to the comfort and safety of controlled ends named black or white where things make sense but where there is no room for play. I’m brilliant at supporting others in exploring this place in between and in betwixt but it is always easier to teach than to do, isn’t it?

Re-Birth of Balance - Designing the life and work for the new world

Gozde Berber - Turkey

Greetings! Exciting news from Istanbul, Turkey! As IODA Turkey Team, we are working for IODA’s annual world conference 2018 which will take place between September 13-15, 2018. We are proud to present you the conference details at this stage. Feel free to check out the conference Make Shure that you are registered at the conference page for upcoming news…

Foundation of IODA Pakistan in Lahore

Ulla Nagel - Germany

At the beginning of March, I had the opportunity for a very special trip. I went to Pakistan, to the cultural capital Lahore, one of the big cities in the province Punjab.

I was invited by our IODA colleague Irshad Ahmad Mughal. Our acquaintance dates back to 2001, when Irshad received a scholarship from our host team for the World Conference in Dresden. We've been in touch ever since. Last year Irshad managed to attend another IODA World Conference. All of you who were in Cape Town have come to know and appreciate the friendly, ambitious, experienced colleague.

What is IODA?

Jennifer Wilson - USA

I had no idea that these four letters would come to mean so much to me. During the annual conference in September, 2017 in Capetown, South Africa, “IODA” was transformed from an unknown acronym into a cherished symbol of community, equity, innovation, compassion, brilliance, rigor, transformation, diversity, knowledge, creativity, and connection.

What I loved most was that this was not a conference to just talk theoretically about diversity, although rigorous theory is important. We were challenged and called to do our own deep work, to open up and trust and risk together in service to elevating our OD practice. Deep diversity work cannot be done in isolation and requires us to reveal ourselves in beloved community. In the words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, “we can only be human together.”


Mohanakrishnan Raman - India

Organizing an international conference is always a huge challenge. Especially being the host of an event as professionals are participating from all continents.