Our Global Ambassadors embody IODA’s purpose and values in their own professional communities around the world.

Contact a Global Ambassador to learn how essential principles of OD are shaped and practiced across global cultures. And you’ll also discover the impact that IODA’s vibrant culture and inclusive approach to learning and change will bring to your own perspective and practice.

Global Ambassadors

North America: K.C. Soares, Founding President, USA
Asia: Ken Nishikawa, Japan
Africa: Noble Kumawu, Ghana
Africa: Alfredo B. Mazive, Mozambique
Africa: Ben Arikpo, Nigeria
Europe: Ulla Nagel, Germany
Europe: Alette Vonk, The Netherlands
South America: Jose Campoverde, Peru
Europe: Peter Kalmar, Hungary
South America: Adriana de la Fuente, Mexico
Asia: Mohanakrishna Raman, India
South America: Claudia Raffo, Chile